In books labyrinths

During the years of Library’s existence its funds have increased more than 350 times and today consist of about 6 million various documents in 89 world languages.

The National Library is the only library in the country that has a benefit of getting a mandatory free of charge copy of every publication in the Kyrgyz Republic.

From 1938 till 1992 the Library was getting a mandatory free of charge copy of all publications printed in the former Soviet Union. Due to this fact it has become possible to establish book reserve, which is the most important on both volume and value of documents acquired by the Main book depository of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Main sources of the National Library funds collection, besides the Republican “mandatory copy” are: bookstores, direct equal exchange with foreign libraries based on agreements, acquiring literature through mediator organizations, from private collections, donations and so on.

Priority directions in collecting are acquiring publications in Kyrgyz language and local lure regardless of place and language of publication.

Annually the Library has an average in-flow of 25-30 thousand copies of books, newspapers, magazines, musical records, informational-bibliographic indexes, reference books, encyclopedias, statistical digests (until 1990 amount of new publications was 180-200 thousand copies).

Unique literary memorials of national culture are collected in the Library in five sets: books in Kyrgyz language printed in Arabic letters; books in Kyrgyz language printed in Latin letters; books in Kyrgyz language printed in Cyrillic; periodicals of Kyrgyzstan (from the time of its existence), and books collection of the outstanding linguist K.Karasaev.

In books labyrinths

Library’s collection has one of the first Central Asian Holy Books, handwritten copy of the XIIth century – Koran, in its genuine cover and colorific typography; “The Law of Kokand Khanate” (XVIII century); “Maglumatul Afak” (Description of the world) in Persian language (1820); “Babur-name” (Notes of Sultan Babur), published in Kazan (1857).

Beginning of the XXth century: Mir Ali Sher Navoi’s work “Khamza”, published in Tashkent in 1901; “Taarikh I Emeni” (History of Kashgari owners: work of Musa Bin Mulla Aisa), Kazan, 1905.

Among the books of Soviet period the fund possesses first-printed publications of 1920th in Arabic letters both on the territory of the Republic and out of its borders. Among them first works of E. Arabaev, K. Tynystanov, T. Moldo, A. Tokombaev and other. Publications of 1930-40th in Latin script; first publications of “Manas” epic, first editions of works of famous scientists, writers, and poets.

New and important direction of National Library’s activity has become formation of the manuscript fund of outstanding scientists in the humanitarian field, well-known writers and poets of Kyrgyzstan. The beginning of this fund became the personal archive of Professor

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