By the scale of services for readership the National Library is the largest facility in the Republic. Its reading halls that are differentiated by fields of knowledge accommodate more than 700 customers at once. Daily attendance of the Library is about 1250 readers.

During the years of activity, the Library has serviced approximately 20 millions of readers, which have utilized 120 millions of different publications.

Annually about 30 000 scientific workers utilize library’s funds. Professionals in different fields, students use more than two million various publications annually.

National Library organizes informational and reference-bibliographical services for readers of Kyrgyz origin who live outside of the country.

Priority service on the base of mutually beneficial conditions provides interested organizations and private persons with the most updated information. National Library’s customers are Presidential Office staff, Government of the Republic, Supreme Council, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, workers of variety of state institutions and commercial structures.


Being a Republican informational center on cultural and arts matters, the Library provides informational services of institutions in these fields. It also publishes following indexes: “New editions on culture and arts of Kyrgyzstan”, “Critical notes, wishes and suggestions, touched in mass media towards cultural institutions”, information review.

Iterlibrary’s delivery desk of the National Library satisfies readership demand for books and other publications that are not in the library. During a year 700 subscribers receive more than 13 thousand editions.

Referential-searching department of the National Library numbers more than 400 various catalogues and customer files and includes more than 7 800 000 cards.

Annually Library’s catalogues and customer files are updated to the amount of 90 000, and approximately the same amount is being canceled by the workers of department of literature development and catalogues filing.

All information about the Kyrgyz Republic before 1991 is fixed on card catalogue “Kyrgyzstan” that numbers about two million cards. Kyrgyz part of the catalogue contains materials since 1924, since the first publication in Kyrgyz language; Russian part – since the first half of XIXth century.

Since 1991 all of the national material is being entered into electronic catalogue “Kyrgyzstan” simultaneously in two machines: in Kyrgyz and Russian languages. As of today the data base numbers more than 67 000 records.

A customer-reader can get any information about how to use catalogues and customer files, as well as any other library information through the consultant in charge in the cataloging department.

More than 10 000 oral and written bibliographic references on all fields of knowledge are given by the Library annually on requests of subscribers and readers.

Every specialized department of the Library has its own fund, catalogues, customer files and own readers halls that allows significantly speed up readership service.

More than 200 exhibits organized annually to anniversaries and significant events in the life of the Republic and the world, as well as upon requests of enterprises, commercial structures and other institutions.

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