The National Library of the Kyrgyz Republic is a universal book depository of the national and foreign documents, scientific and research, methodiological and coordinating center in the field of library science, bibliographical science, history of library business in Kyrgyzstan.

The National Library belongs to the most valuable objects of   cultural heritage of the people of Kyrgyz Republic. It is an exclusive property of the State and is not subject to expropriation and privatization.

The right to use of the National Library have institutions, organizations, enterprises and all the people from 16th years old regardless of their nationality, educational background, social origin, political preferences and religion.

Within the Library, which is a cultural center of  Republican level, the most important actitivities in the field of art and culture take place. For example, “Issyk-Kul Forum”, Days of Persian, Indian, Kazakh, French, Korean culture, International Conference “Women's health and family planning”, “Humanity in action” (International Red Cross) and others have been held there.


In the year of 1995 Kyrgyzstan was celebrating 1000th anniversary of “Manas” epic. During festivity days the National Library was honored to be the first among cultural institutions of the city to open the rejoicing.

To celebrate this event the Library prepared a number of activities, and the brightest of them were: book-illustrated exhibition “Manas – a pearl of the world’s culture”,  meetings with famous scientists-specialists in Manas heritage. About twenty booklets in Kyrgyz, Russian and English languages dedicated to this event were published.

About three hundred different events are organized annually for the general public and specialists by the Library, including conferences, literary parties, book exhibits, information days and presentations. Exhibitions-sales of applied and fine art of well-known Kyrgyzstanian artists and beginners are organized on a regular basis.

The National Library is a member of three major international library organizations, one of which is IFLA, and has the right to participate in two sections: “National Libraries” and “Funds Conservation”. It is also a member of “Eurasian Library Association” and “National Libraries of  Turk-speaking countries Association”.

The Library has established links and successfully collaborates with a number of foreign organizations: “Help to books” (England), The Soros Foundation, The Seib Foundation, National Commission on UNESCO, Bar Association (USA), Peace Corp (USA), UNDP.

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