The Library publishes 30-40 titles annually. They are: bibliographic, methodical and other guides with the total volume of 100 sheets with the print number of more than 20 000 copies.

Bibliographers of the National Library have done their bit into creation of the national bibliography of Kyrgyzstan. Approximately 160 000 documents are filed in scientific-auxiliary bibliography, and more than

38 000 of them are in Kyrgyz language.

For more than twenty-five years the Department of national bibliography works on creating a retrospective index “Literature about Kyrgyzstan”. Starting from the 3d volume this universal bibliographical aids is published by field editions in Kyrgyz and Russian languages: “Natural conditions and natural resources of Kyrgyzstan”, “Industry. Transportation. Communications”, “Literature. Arts.”, “Agriculture”.

Since 1965 the Library has been taking attempts to create and publish yearbooks about Kyrgyzstan that could collect documents on all fields of knowledge published during that particular year. In total five of these kinds of editions have been published. Unfortunately, due to the impossibility of operative publications of these annuals, a decision was taken to stop their issue.

Kyrgyzstan’s bibliography has started from preparations to and publication in 1969 an index “Bibliography of bibliographies about Kyrgyzstan”, which had covered all bibliographical materials about the Republic in Russian and Kyrgyz languages for the period from 1852 to the first part of 1967. Totaled at 1 242 notes.

From 1934 to 1996 more than 500 reference lists and indexes in various fields of knowledge in Russian and Kyrgyz languages have been made by the Library.


The first reference bibliographical aids published by printing means appeared in 1948. It was a note: “V.G. Belinsky”. At the same period bibliographical activity in Kyrgyz language has started.

Since 1964 an annual bibliographic edition “Kyrgyzstan: Calendar of reading”. Since 1997 this publication got its original name – “Kyrgyzstan: Days. People. Events.”. 32 issues of the aids in Russian and Kyrgyz languages contain around 800 references about memorable dates of Kyrgyzstan, traditions and customs of the people live in the Republic.

One of the biggest works is referential bibliographic index “Chingiz Aitmatov”, published to the 60th anniversary of the writer (1988). Its size is 18 sheets, it contains 1248 titles of books and articles about Aitmatov.

About 300 titles are in the referential-bibliographic index “Kirgizia in fiction literature” (1983) and 330 titles into the index “Kyrgyzstan korkom adabiyatta”.

An aid “Russian fiction literature in Kyrgyz language” is a unique publication. It was issued in 1990 and contains 180 translations of Russian writers; different translation options are acknowledged.

Very valuable for specialists those publications that were issued to jubilees of the outstanding writers: “Toktogul Satylganov”,”Alykul Osmonov”, “Tugelbai Sydykbekov”, “Kasymaly Bayalinov” and others.

Annually the library publishes “Index of publications and services” that gives list of informational-referential and bibliographical services rendered by the Library.

Since 1992 an informational bulletin “Kyrgyz Library” in Kyrgyz language is restored. It was founded in 1960 and closed in 1979 because of financial difficulties.

The most interesting achievements of library science are described and included in the digest “Scientific life of libraries in Kyrgyzstan”.

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