National Library of Kyrgyztan?

Biskek, Chuskaya Oblast, Kyrgyzstan?

In one of the central squares of Kyrgyzstan’s capital city there is a beautiful palace of white-marble. It is here that the National Library of the Kyrgyz Republic is located, which is considered to be the centre of the entire national intellectual life. You can find here a unique collection of scripts and and other ancient monuments of the Kyrgyz people, which make up their contribution to the world civilization, to the functioning of the international information market.

National Library of Kyrgyztan‎

In the times of dramatic social and political changes going on in Kyrgyzstan,  as well as in many other countries, information is becoming one of the main basis for democratic and economic development. That is why the National Library with its huge information potential is acquiring the status of the National Center of information and bibliography.

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